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YAAAY! New beginner classes for June online! Register now!

First time Swing Dancing? Up to 20EUR discount!


Register for the first time and get a 5/10EUR discount per person as a single/couple!

Coupon code: FIRSTTIME

Ja, wir unterrichten auch auf deutsch!

Registering without a partner is possible, but you may land on the waiting list and get no partner/group discount!

Details about discounts, time table and location of the classes here!

NEW! Every Thursday is Pampa Swing!

Big burgers, crunchy pizza, vegan food, cold drinks and loads, loads of Swing!
Right at the Spree out-door, indoor. Who cares?! I wanna dance! :D

Check all the details here!

2 Workshops coming up with Eva & Duc

"Footwork & Styling" on 18th/19th of July

Dance, but dance with style! Find your own style on the floor and enjoy!
Details here

"Musicality" on 25th/26th of July

Dance, but dance to the music! Learn listening and dancing to music to give your moves more meaning!
Details here

1 Workshop: Single/Couple ONLY 65EUR/55EUR
2 Workshops: Single/couple ONLY 120EUR/100EUR!